We are a new charitable organization founded by Malvern Book Cooperative. We use the power of books and the joy of reading to bring people together. Want to help? Visit our Get Involved and Volunteering page or contact us by email to see what you can do to make a difference to the community in which you live.

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Our mission

We are a small charity working with individuals, groups and families in Malvern and the surrounding area. Our mission is to enable, enrich and empower those who are isolated, marginalised or vulnerable, across the generations, through the power of literacy. We aim to do this through books, film, 

story, poetry and art in sessions tailored to the interests and needs of participants.
We currently work in partnership with The Cube and Riverboats Children Centre. As Covid has negatively impacted all our target groups we intend to expand our work this year.

The Outreach Project at Malvern Book Coop (TOP@MBC) was formally established after an initial period of pilot activities and partnership building with the local community. We have established effective working relationships with stakeholders. The partnerships formed have contributed space and time so that together we have reached many families and individuals. We have plans to increase our reach with an agile response to vulnerable groups.

Brief History

In September 2019, at the AGM of the Malvern Book Cooperative, members enthusiastically welcomed the launch of The Outreach Project as a vehicle for delivering the social justice agenda of the Coop.
The Outreach Project’s activities focus the enjoyment of books, reading and encouragement of literacy skills. We work with isolated, marginalised and disadvantaged groups across the generations in the Malvern area.