Working with young people

In our Film, Food, Words programme we work in partnership with The Cube in Malvern. During weekly sessions we explore a range of genre, themes and literary devices through films of books, poetry, art and original texts to share ideas, enhance literacy skills and deepen understanding.  The sessions are interactive and driven by the thoughts and ideas of the participants.

Reaching those who are isolated (Coming soon)

In the Roaming Readers group we work with partners to provide those who are elderly, vulnerable or at risk of isolation with opportunities to engage and share reading activities. Engaging with people drawn from the local community and partner organisations who are passionate about reading with and to older people we use resources supplied by the Malvern Book Cooperative. We provide one-to-one reading, social books  reading, book chats, theme and  reader-curated book lists, book gifting and author events.

Family reading circle (Coming soon)

Working in partnership with a local charity for refugees and their families we have provided books for the children to enjoy. Sessions provide tailored support to meet the needs and interests of each family group. We explore issues and themes through sharing books, craft activities and thoughts and ideas.



Supporting families and young children

Toddler Tales offers story sessions with related craft activities aimed at pre-school children and their carers. We engage with pre-school children, parents and carers to share and enjoy books, encourage reading with young children and offer support in taking an active role in their children’s education.